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We’re all about agent empowerment; our mission is to add value to your business and your transactions. By covering the upfront costs of light home renovations like painting, staging, flooring and more, we remove the financial burden and allow you to get to work.

Once a problem, simply resolved

We're here to support you. You've probably faced challenges when recommending light renovations to your sellers. Often affordability is an issue, or the willingness to invest in their current home. We recognize this financial burden prohibits you from doing your best work.

By using Revive, all upfront costs are covered, such as light renovations, inspections, and staging. The goal is to bring the home to market in the best light possible. No interest or hidden fees to your sellers. We'll get paid back at the very end. Pretty simple.

Sell faster & at a
higher valuation

As an agent, you know best, and we believe you have the ability to analyze, advise, and do more for your customers. Statistically, we as industry experts know newly renovated homes sell on average 35 days quicker and at a 10-20% higher valuation.

Why Agents love this

You are in control

You and your client decide what's needed. Our Revive concierge is here to support you during the entire transaction, but is never in direct communication with your client.

Win listings

Revive gives you a competitive edge and helps you sell homes faster and for more profit, setting you apart from a sea of other agents.

Higher commissions

Negotiate a higher commission and set your self apart from discount brokers with Revive’s many value added services.

Close Faster

Renovated homes sell 72% faster in the open market. Proven time & time again.

Our Process

Here’s what you can expect when working with us.

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Your listing gets pre-approved online by Revive and a budget is set.


Create the scope of services needed to bring the home to the market.


Solicit a bid from a pre-vetted Revive service provider(s) or invite your favorite service providers.


Work with the service providers and confirm the work is done to satisfaction.


List the home on the market and notice how quickly you'll close!


Empowering all agents

I would absolutely use Revive again. It was super simple, and it was easy for my sellers to understand. The process went smoothly, and at the end of the day I couldn’t have sold the house without getting the floors done. My clients and I couldn’t be happier

Realtor - Regency
The real estate industry is competitive and I am constantly trying to find ways to stand out and add more value to my clients.  Revive gives me a tool to stand out against the competition and add huge amounts of value to my clients and their homes.

Realtor - Campbell Realtors
As a broker I’m constantly striving to add tools that our agents can use to help them add value to their clients. Revive is a very powerful service to add to our suite of listing tools.

Realtor - Campbell Realtors
As  a newer agent, having Revive as a tool gives me so much confidence going into a  listing presentation. I’m able to offer a unique solution to my clients and bring them a huge amount of value , and stand out against other agents.

Realtor - Equity Marq
In today’s market, finding creative ways to add value to my clients is a must. We, as professionals, owe it to our clients to be on the cutting edge of new ideas and technology. Revive is a creative solution to add value and help my clients sell quickly and for higher profits.

Realtor - Campbell Realtors
I always recommend that my sellers spruce uptheir homes before going to market, but theysometimes just don’t have the cash to do so.With Revive I can help front the cost of lightrenovations for my Sellers and in turn sell theirhomes faster and for top dollar

Realtor - Campbell Realtors

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