The top 3 solutions to maximize profits for sellers

People sell their homes for many reasons. Maybe you’re moving to a new location. Maybe you need more space for a growing family. Maybe it’s time to downsize. In these situations, many people settle for less without knowing it.

Regardless of your situation, there’s a solution with a positive outcome for you. You just need to develop a winning strategy. This article explores 3 common situations many people find themselves in. It also shows you how to make the most of each.

Your home needs renovation, but it’s too expensive

This is a common issue faced by homeowners. It can be the case when you’re selling unexpectedly. Some homes need a few minor touches before going on the market. Others need significant work. 

The cost of renovation deters many homeowners before they get started. They require upfront costs you may not have available or want to part with. Unfortunately, many people are forced to settle for less. They sell below what they could have with renovations, leaving upside and profit on the table.

Home Concierge
is democratizing renovation, now anyone can reap the rewards. Revive Concierge fronts the renovation costs and let’s you participate in monetary gains that only flippers could have before.

The process is simple and seamless--it’s even easier than choosing your next Netflix show to binge. That can take hours of research. We do the heavy lifting for you by creating a custom renovation plan with no commitment needed. This maps out updates, pricing, and timelines. From there, all you have to do is say yes or no.

If you move forward, you’ll be matched with vetted providers. You’ll get high quality work and fully managed service providers with peace of mind. There are many benefits of Home Concierge:

  • Advising on latest trends
  • No upfront costs, interest, fees, or financing
  • Maximize your return on investment (average 150%)
  • Get a quicker turnaround time (50% faster than traditional methods)
  • Peace of mind with our no-loss guarantee

You have to find your next home before selling

Sellers are facing a dilemma. In the current market, inventory is low, meaning homes are in high demand. That’s great for selling. Buying on the other hand, that’s another story. You don’t want to end up back at your parents’ or renting while looking for your next pad.

Now, there’s a solution for even the most competitive markets.
Trade Up and move directly into a new home without selling your old one. How does this program work? 

  • Lock in your dream home
  • We make an all-cash offer on your behalf
  • We buy your dream home for you
  • Move into your new home
  • Sell your old home

Our all-cash offers with flexible closing dates are the winning bid 80% of the time. We save you time and energy by handling the sale of your old home. Need renovations? We take care of those, ensuring ROI. You relax while Revive handles the sale, maximizing your profit. 

You need to sell ASAP

In life, stuff happens. Sometimes that means selling quickly to liquidate cash. Stress only gets worse and can force you into an emotional decision. Many homeowners like this sell at a steep discount to flippers or wholesalers. Flippers then turn around and sell for huge profits and homeowners are left with nothing to show for it.

Traditional options won’t let you maximize profit. That means someone else is maximizing profits and cutting you out of the upside. It makes you wish there was an instant buyer available for these situations. Fortunately, there is. 

Sell 360
was designed just for these situations. Whatever your reason for a quick sell, Revive will purchase your home. After you sell your home, you still profit from the upside created through renovation. We just need 20% of equity after the renovation budget. There are no other requirements to be met. 

We want you to share in the profits.
We’ll invest in your home to increase return on investment. Then we’ll flip your home for the highest price. When it sells, you’ll receive a check for the additional profits. It’s that simple, a hassle-free way to maximize your investment. 

written with intention by

Jon Salas
Revive Expert

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