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Proactive brokerages are implementing their own branded concierge program to bring the most innovative and creative tools to their agents.

Recruitment & retention

Leverage your concierge program to attract Realtors to your firm and keep them.

Increase sales & commissions

Using Revive adds value to your agent's listings resulting in shorter time on market, increased sales price, and maximized commissions.

Outcompete your competition

Unlock unique solutions to common problems your agents and homeowners face everyday.

Pre-sale home experts

We are dedicated to your success by supporting real-time conversations & your agents' transactions.

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No extra work.
New concierge.

White-label your own program with no additional work on your end. We take on marketing, project management, administrative, and live-support needs, enabling your agents with powerful solutions.

  • Branded marketing collateral made for your brokerage
  • Branded website landing page, PDFs, & listing presentations
  • Weekly training available for your agents
  • Access to team of pre-sale home experts and support staff
  • Home renovation analysis on each listing
  • Robust technology for transaction management
  • Dedicated support & live chat
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Brokerage highlight

Hear from one of our partners, Keller Williams Shoreline. They white-labeled their own Revive concierge, providing solutions to their team of 200+ agents and resulting in a clear competitive advantage.

"Nets our agents more money, sells their home faster, and gives us a solution."

Eric Boyenger - Keller Williams Shoreline

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