Adopt your own concierge

Proactive brokerages are implementing their own branded concierge program to bring the most innovative and creative tools to their agents.

Recruitment & retention

Leverage your concierge to attract and retain Realtors in your firm.

Increase sales & commissions

Empower your agents with tools to close more transactions and decrease time on the market.

Outcompete your competition

Leverage tools and resources to support your clients throughout the entire homeowner lifecycle.

Pre-sale home experts

Access dedicated pre-sale home experts and real-time support throughout the entire transaction.

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All the benefits.
None of the hassle.

Access all the benefits of your own branded concierge service without lifting a finger. We'll handle all project management, administration, and marketing while providing you and your agents with real-time support. Our unique platform provides you access to tools and resources only select brokerages previously had access to and much more.

  • Branded marketing collaterals for your brokerage and agents
  • Dedicated website landing page
  • On-demand webinars
  • Access to real-time support and pre-sale home experts
  • Market and renovation analysis'
  • Transaction management
  • Licensed and insured pre-vetted service providers
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Team Leader - Eric

Hear from one of our partners, Keller Williams Shoreline. They white-labeled their own Revive concierge, providing solutions to their team of 200+ agents and resulting in a clear competitive advantage.

"Nets our agents more money, sells their home faster, and gives us a solution."

Eric Boyenger - Keller Williams Shoreline

Forward-thinking brokerages

How is Revive different from a contractor?

We are your main point of contact and serve as your general contractor, designer, and project manager. You get to avoid subcontractors and focus on what you do best-- which is growing your business.

Can any agent use Revive?

Yes, all agents can use Revive. Our services are not limited to one brokerage or company. Whether you are an individual agent or part of a team of 500, any agent can use Revive. For mid-to-large size brokerage, we do offer the option to white-label our services.

How long does the process take?

Planning and pre-approval takes approx. 1 week or less. The bidding and renovation design process takes, on average, 2 weeks depending on scope of work.* Average start of projects from first Revive expert call is approx. 3 weeks.

When does the homeowner pay back the money that was fronted?

Homeowners reimburse Revive when one of the following happens — the home sells, the homeowner terminates their listing agreement, the home is no longer being actively marketed for sale, or 12 months pass from the Revive completion date.

Is Revive available in my market?

Yes, Revive services are available in all 50 states, Puerto Rico and D.C.