Home Trade-in

For homeowners who want a quick sale at the highest dollar amount.

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How it works

Unlock cash now, receive a check of the full amount shortly after

Guaranteed offer

We'll work with you, the agent, to make an offer on your client's current home — and guarantee it. That's the price we'll pay today as soon as your homeowner is ready to move into their new home.

Make strong offers

Your homeowner will be able to make offers with no lending or home sale contingency. This will increase the odds of your offers being accepted, enabling your homeowners to move into their dream home faster.

Move on your time

Once your offer is accepted, everything comes together in days, not months. We buy the home at the guaranteed price so your homeowner can get the cash to close on their dream home and control when they move.

Get full market value

We work with you to re-list your client's previous home. If their home sells for more than the guaranteed offer, we cut a check back to them minus selling costs & program fees.

Why we built this

At Revive, we recognize that each home seller's journey is different and some need to move quickly. We've designed our national home trade-in program with these exact moments in mind; so homeowners can move on their terms and never settle for less value than what their home deserves.

For decades, homeowners have struggled with selling their current home and moving into their new home in a smooth, fluid way. They make contingent offers, making their offers less aggressive, or they settle for sub-par offers on their current home to secure their next home. Some even take on the burden of two mortgages, while they renovate or find the right buyer of their home.

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