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Home renovations matter

Renovated homes spend 87% less time on the market, and 71% of buyers are afraid of homes that need additional improvements.

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With over 30 years of real-estate sales & flipping homes, our goal is make it easier for homeowners to maximize the value of their home by transforming you into a flipper.

No Interest. No Fees.

Obtain access to capital to unlock your home’s turnkey potential - no minimums, maximums, interest, fees, or sales price restrictions.

Service provider matchmaking

We've pre-negotiated preferential pricing with a network of vetted, hand-selected service providers. All service providers are licensed, insured, and offer a transferable one-year guarantee.

Attract more buyers

With 52% of buyers finding homes online, having a turnkey-home makes a lasting impression. Transform your home to be highly competitive, desirable, and appealing to buyers.

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Not sure which program is for you? Try this and find out.

Home Concierge

For those who want to sell for the highest price.

  • Meet with your expert
  • Create a renovation plan
  • Renovate your home
  • List your home at top dollar

Trade Up

For those who want to move into their dream home.

  • You find your dream home
  • We buy your dream home (for you)
  • You move into your new home
  • We sell your old home

Sell 360

For those who want to sell quickly, hands-free, and maintain profits.

  • We buy your home
  • We renovate it
  • We list it
  • You receive a check for the difference.
Pedro shares his experience selling his
home in Laguna Beach, CA
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Learn about your options

Get access to in-depth details about our programs, real-life examples, and useful tips to get the most out of your home.

Home Concierge Webinar 20-minute watch

Process and timelines
Importance of renovations
Verifying equity and underwriting
Service provider ecosystem
Design & materials
Leveraging Revive
Real-life examples
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Trade Up Webinar 20-minute watch

Process and timelines
Securing your new home
Strength of all-cash offers
Transforming your old home
Purchasing with option to rent
Real-life examples
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Sell 360 Webinar 20-minute watch

Process and timelines
Importance of renovations
Capital and guaranteed offer
Leveraging Revive
Marketing strategies
Real-life examples
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Case studies

Just a few here, but check out more here.

It all begins with
a phone call.

Forest house photo

Irvine, California.

$123,500 profit increase

view case study
Freeman house photo

Lake Forest, California

$20,365 increased profit

view case study
Meiser house photo

Irvine, California.

$20,800 increased profit

view case study
Spartan house photo

Newport Coast, California

$222,365 increased profit

view case study
Which program is right for my goals?

We want to make sure you get matched with the right program for your goals. You can visit here to answer a few questions and get matched with the right program. One of our experts will reach out to your to get any additional information to create the perfect plan to help you achieve those goals.

How does Revive make money?

We front the cost of your renovations with no interest or fees. We make our money through our service providers. In exchange of providing them with multiple jobs per month, we buy their improvement contracts at a discounted price - typically around 5 to 10%.

How long do renovations take?

We approve renovations that in totality take less than two months and don't require any major permits. Our service providers are equipped with the tools and resources to complete renovations quickly while at the highest quality.

How can I start using the program?

Getting started is simple. You can submit your home on our platform here.

Where can I find more information?

You can learn more about our programs by attending one of our webinars here. We offer webinars on each program to give you the opportunity to obtain a more in-depth understanding of our processes.