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You can front the costs of pre-sale home renovations with no interest or fees

Our hassle-free process

Submit listing

Once the seller has agreed that pre-sale renovations will bring value to the sale, simply submit the listing online for evaluation.

Pro to Pro

A Revive pre-sale renovation expert will reach out and work with you to determine the scope and budget that will yield the highest ROI.

Service provider match-making

Our team matches your project to bring the home to market in the fastest time possible and to maximize your client's ROI.

Renovation match-making

When the work is completed to everyone’s satisfaction, Revive fronts the cost of the service providers’ work.

Renovation match-making

You get to work

After you & your seller sign off on the work completed, it's time to do what you do best. Take photos and prepare the home for the open market.

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Full flexibility with a valued partner

No interest.
No fees.

Homes sell at different paces. We provide up to 12-months for the home to sell. We don't mandate price reductions or initiate any interest fees during the 12-month duration.

home experts

Throughout the whole Revive process, you'll be paired with a pre-sale home expert from our team. You'll have full support and service available from start to finish.

Renovated homes

sell 72% faster

Statistically proven by agents who use Revive


Revive is another powerful tool in my arsenal that supercharges the rest of my team. For years, I’ve had my own concierge service. So I definitely saw value in leveraging Revive in situations where sellers weren’t necessarily liquid and their assets were still in equity. Not only could we market the listing for more, but there’s also an amazing return on investment.
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I would absolutely use Revive again. It was super simple, and it was easy for my sellers to understand. The process went smoothly, and at the end of the day I couldn’t have sold the house without getting the floors done. My clients and I couldn’t be happier.


As the COVID-19 pandemic causes inventory shrinkage, both home buyers and sellers stand on the sidelines. To help my clients seize the current opportunities and navigate through these unprecedented times, I’m excited to have a strategic partnership with Revive.

Case studies

Pictures are worth a thousand words. Take a look at stories from real estate agents that have used our concierge service.
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You probably have some questions

What homes qualify?
Our goal at Revive is to help as many clients as possible. However, we do require a minimum of 20% equity in the home.
What kind of projects does Revive approve?
As a general rule of thumb, Revive approves projects that in totality take less than two months. Think flooring, staging, painting, staging, landscaping and light remodeling. Not room additions, no structural modifications and nothing that requires major permits.
When does the homeowner pay back the money that was fronted?
Homeowners pay for services when one of the following happens — the home sells, the homeowner terminates their listing agreement with you, the home is no longer being actively marketed on the MLS, or 12 months pass from the Revive start date.
How can I take advantage of the program?
Easy! Start by either joining a training webinar or submit your listing on our website to speak with a pre-sale home expert.

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